Construction Chemicals Market Dynamics And Restraint Analysis by 2024

by rajsingh50901 · November 14 cheap air force 1 china , 2018

14 Nov 2018 – In terms of global market size, the Construction Chemicals Market was valued at USD 39.17 billion in the year 2015 and is expected to register considerable growth over the forecast period. Rising requirements from numerous end-use industries including residential & non-residential and infrastructure is expected to drive the market growth over the next nine years.

In addition, the market expansion is expected to be driven by rapid shift towards urbanization and rising focus towards infrastructure development in emerging economies. Moreover, government initiatives in emerging economies such as India are also presumed to drive the market growth.

On account of stricter environmental regulations cheap air force 1 mens , the market participants are focusing on research and development activities to come up with new products complying with guidelines established by various regulatory bodies. Application of biochemical as construction chemicals is at its initial stage, that could prove to be a revolutionary technology in future. Emerging countries such as India and China are presumed to fuel the market owing to various upcoming infrastructure projects under development. China was the major construction market accounting for over 20.0% of the global share in the year 2015.

The market growth is also expected to witness a significant growth on account of rising rate of mergers and acquisitions by major players in the market. In addition, technological innovations have resulted in the rise in usage of other specialty chemicals which consist of chemical flooring, surface coating chemicals cheap air force 1 womens , grouting compounds and structural adhesives.

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Product Insights

In terms of market volume share, concrete admixtures accounted for 64.07% in the year 2015 on account of its wide usage in concrete to strengthen its chemical and physical properties. Its applications include all types of constructions such as residential and non-residential infrastructure. The product improves the strength of the construction by providing strong durability, enhanced durability, chemical resistance and considerably lowering cement and water requirement.

Super plasticizers and plasticizers are broadly utilized as concrete admixtures. Super plasticizers are suitable for pre-stressed concrete as majority of the products are chloride free. Chloride causes an oxidation reaction with metals cheap air force 1 shoes , which then causes corrosion, weakening the building structure.

End-use Insights

Infrastructure and non-residential industry accounted for over 60% of the total market revenue share in 2015. Construction chemicals are applied in non-residential segments such as hotels, office spaces, retail cheap air force 1 , erection of warehouse and industrial buildings. The growth for infrastructure activities is driven by government initiatives in developing economies which consist of India, China, Brazil and Mexico. In addition, the market growth is anticipated to be fueled by growing trend towards metropolitan developments caused an increase in the need for more residential buildings.

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