URWERK: Travel through history with the fresh UR-100V era and traditions

Time is written, often the intangible is transcribed, as well as the past time is given matter. This is certainly one of the "impossible tasks" directed at the Lord of Time for thousands of years. They will used their ingenuity, ingenuity, and even audacity to rationalize the passage of a short time, from the pyramids of 3rd there’s r to the Chinese lunar appointments and the lunar calendar designed into the rock. Today, URWERK pays tribute to this near-heroic work with a new 100V Some Culture collection.

Introducing the 1st episode based on SJX's authentic concept... Time and Culture may be the title of a new 100V series dedicated to the perception of the time throughout history and across ethnicities. “This thread is about record, culture, our place beneath the stars, and research and also observations made around the world while using same sky above us all as a source of information. Noticing these I'm fascinated by just how bizarre observations thousands of mls apart gave birth into a common language - time. inches

Urwerk UR-100V Time and Culture

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As a result, we could seen as traveling through as well as space. And, to make this kind of journey a reality, the UR-100V, which combines minute along with kilometer signals, proved to be the proper vehicle.

Browsing History
The 1st stop of the 100V As well as Culture Line takes you to the Central American region in 1479. The “Sun Stone” motif, one of the most well-known pieces of Aztec art, inside on the front of this wrist watch, now housed in the Countrywide Museum of Anthropology inside Mexico City. The boulder is a carved disc which has a diameter of 3. 6 feets. Majestic. Lots of. According to the Aztec calendar, the third circle symbolizes the 20 days of the actual month, while the fourth round represents the 260 times of the year.

Therefore , this design and style is reproduced in the copper-colored dome of the UR-100V A moment Culture I. The end result is fairly subtle. The cutting edge fullness of the engraving cutter is merely 0. 05 mm. To comprehend the precision of the perform, one must look along with a magnifying glass. To accentuate the volume in addition to honor this priceless story, the pattern's ridges are generally satin-brushed, while the cutouts usually are micro-sandblasted for a velvety structure.

The three elements of beauty, background mystery are all interconnected. The point that the idea for this new part came from Singapore further underlines the international relevance on this new URWERK. Three years before, Jiaxian Su, known simply by his initials SJX, developed an idea to Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei: to incorporate an extra dimension to the UR-100 by closing the top just like the first version of the UR-103 and create something special Virtually and figuratively transcend room and time. Thus, the particular UR-100V Time and Culture I actually established itself in Core America.

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“There are some keys to this timepiece, you start with its apparent universality: it absolutely was inspired by Aztec customs; it was made in Switzerland as well as based on ideas in Singapore; URWERK co-founder Felix Baumgartner said: "It will end up inside the window of a retailer regarding unknown nationality, and it will interest equally unknown watch fans. "However, it does hide several secrets.

A new message have been added to the hour and also minute display of the UR-100V's Time and Culture series. As soon as the 60th minute, the minute palm disappears, replaced by a km counter. It depicts 524. 89 kilometers traveled every single 20 minutes by any person in Mexico. This is the regular rotation speed of the World calculated in Mexico Metropolis. Earth's revolution around the sun will be depicted on the other side of the variety at 35, 742 a long way every 20 minutes. Consequently , hours and kilometers have similar status, the same value level on the surface of the UR-100V. These kinds of components light up with amoureux blue lights when the several hours are read.

They have magic formula references scattered around their particular work. Signatures, acronyms or maybe the Mayan numbering system will probably be recognized by a keen eye. Are you ready to sign up this treasure hunt?