replica Chopard Alpine Eagle Watches Table Series The world debut

At last. Finally flip. The new Chopard Alpine EAGLE series made me not only for Chopard, but also felt happy for those who were forgotten on the bottomless waiting list, these waiting lists were one of a few luxury steel sports watches. Retaining. In addition, this also makes me feel easy to consider the situation in the luxurious watch industry. That's why.

I respect the Chopard and the watchdrops - even though they rarely explain the reasons. Their Mille Miglia series is a series of automotive inspiration, although it is still very popular after you enter this niche market, but it is still a niche market. Their LUC series is based on its elegance and restrictions, although Chopard's ultra-high-end things are the best, but in such a limited number, this is the ivory tower of the ivory tower in its reservation.replica Chopard MILLE MIGLIA watches

After four years, I finally had "alpine eagle" - well, maybe in addition to the name, it may be a bit too tame for some people's ears. This is a watch presented in a humble way. This is a common sense of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and Chopard - but the product itself, if I think there is abilities, I would rather hang the pirate flag and shout "Eat your things" Patek Philippe! what! "

From its mandatory three-chain table, the unparalleled excellent execution quality, then to the functional diverse design, Chopard Alpine EAGLE is everything you need to place Chopard on the map, not just for any given niche market. However, the audience is more widely - those who have been self-royal to the steel luxury "sports" watch. The series is very eye-catching, need to be considered in terms of price to replace the usual suspect. But this is not only about prices, but also stories, history and quality. We will soon find "Alpine Mountain Eagles" to compete with octagonal alternatives - but first, how it becomes replica watches

I first remember that the three generations of the Scheufeele series with HOPARD were appeared at the product conference. First of all, the top-length generation of Karl Scheufeele represented by Chopard in 1963 and turned it into a global brand. His son Karl-Friedrich Scheufele has been responsible for the company's watch sector in recent decades, and transforming Chopard into a separate high-performance watchmaker, and now makes their movements, housings and bracelets - he will also The LUC series is relocated to advanced - reaching the ultra-high-end range and launched FerDinand Berthoud. The youngest generation is 22-year-old Karl-Fritz Scheufeele, just as they share, must be protected by Grandfather to prevent him from entering Chopard at the age of age. The reason why they appear is because Alpine Eagle is achieved from its spiritual achievement.

Forget the tears of tears: This speech frankly frankly with the individual's disadvantages and advantages of each generation, as well as their roles in the new table series. First, Karl-Friedrich disclosed the inspiration behind the Chopard St. Moritz watch in Chopard St. Moritz, which was the second generation of Chopard. an item. In the 1970s, he has been to the recognized gorgeous party in St. Moritz, and now the party has become a significantly restricted ski paradise, even in accordance with Switzerland, this town is also very easy. Inducing sleep.high quality replica watches

In the past, St. Moritz has passed, just like a thin quartz case made of quartz, steel case, and a popular watch lineup. However, this does not stop the design experience and the fear of the young generation to return. Karl-Fritz re-launched the idea of ​​this series, his father "refused", his father has always been conservative, thoughtful watch company CEO. This "craft avoidance" spent two years, and - watching this - the prototype of secret development is dissolved, all of which is to persuade Karl-Friedrich in carefully planned Wing Bang (Chopard) ) The status of the Eagle of the Alps.

Once the actual development of Chopard Alpine Eagle, once the start of the last generation of perseverance and training of details, each process is dominated - each element of these tables clearly reflects this fact. Grandfather Karl II pushed this process through his famous persistence. Karl-Friedrich's subtle difference requires 40mm, 41mm, 42mm and 43mm wide prototype to determine the ideal dimensions of larger numbers. And with the help of family female members, a similar choice is made to determine the optimal size of the smaller version. They are suitable for 41 mm and 36 mm size - although I think the latter is the perfect size of the men's watch such as Laothes Day-Date, but the proportion of Alpine Eagle 36 is obviously female.replica Bell & Ross BR 05 watches

Why choose an alpine eagle? This series is started near Gstaad in July. Gstaad is a non-high-end ski paradise - I guess because I don't ski, from the appearance, in this place in this history, anyone else will not ski. Although I have not yet become the fan of any residential area of ​​Switzerland, their scenery is indeed magical. With the huge grayscale peak of the Alps, the Eagle Foundation's members pay to the participants of the Eagle Foundation, the goal of the Eagle Foundation is to help some of the eagle back to the Alps, at the last session The game has been over 200 years. One is houked. In their company, there are three wonderful eagles, two only about four year old birds, a teenage young bird. (Someone told me that they can live to 50 years old.)

The Weddle Foundation will receive the support of Chopard, not every sale, but pay by year. This is combined with the sustainable procurement materials that Chopard use it as well as a global, ecologically thoughtful organization. I like Karl Friedrich Schaufele to show a word of this new watch is: "The eagle is awareness." Obviously, the eagle is the only creature that can directly see the sun, it can Scan the sky and find a prey from 10 km (or 6 mile). I believe that the correct product is redesigned from the appearance of the material to the wrist, which is very suitable. Therefore, the dial spirit of the Alpine Eagle watch is derived from the eagle's retina.HYT H1 ICEBERG2 148-TT-21-BF-RW

In terms of appearance, everything is new, limited to the materials used. Chopard has always been a few more than a few clock brands in the golden field - Chopard is purchased from morality for his watch, and some of them have a "fair gold" certificate (but there is a restriction. There are very few fair gold certified mines, the new mines' authorization process is very slow. Now, with the release of the Alpine Eagle series, the fine steel and Chopard have pursued traceability together. Chopard's Lucent A223 was produced by European suppliers, and the carbon footprint was reduced, and 70% recovered stainless steel and 30% of steel (through 100% traceable source mining) were alloys. Please note that Chopard also recovered 100% steel waste. What we are more important is.Richard Mille RM 35-02 RAFAEL NADAL